Best Donuts in the Boston Area

If you’re a donut enthusiast with a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat. Check out our top 10 picks for the best donuts in the Boston Area, brought to you by experts in everything local. Stay tuned to Eventlopedia for more recommendations or sign up for our newsletter here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Back Door Donuts Pop-Up

1. Back Door Donuts Boston Pop-Up

With a new pop-up location in Boston’s Lansdowne Street near Fenway Park, Back Door Donuts brings its unique island-inspired charm to the city. Originally from Martha’s Vineyard, this beloved donut shop now serves Bostonians and visitors. Back Door Donuts is known for its commitment to crafting high-quality, hand-made donuts using the finest ingredients every day. The name “Back Door” actually reflects their distinctive operating hours, since they open early in the morning and close at midnight every day, so you can enjoy freshly baked donuts not just in the morning but also late into the night. This expansion adds a delightful touch to Boston’s donut scene, so don’t miss the chance to experience the magic. Learn more about their history and check out their menu here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Pon de Joy

2. Pon de Joy

Get a taste of the most unique donuts in town at Pon de Joy. Inside the Super 88 market, you will find Boston’s very first mochi donut company. Their beautiful flower-shaped donuts combine the texture of a fluffy cake donut with chewy mochi touches, creating a perfect in-between with the most innovative flavors. From strawberry and chocolate to lemon poppyseed, blueberry cheesecake, and more, Pon de Joy offers a donut experience like no other in the city. Learn more and place an order for delivery or pick up here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Union Square Donuts

3. Union Square Donuts

With locations in Boston, Brookline and Somerville, Union Square Donuts cares about the quality of donuts they serve. This award-winning donut company makes sure all of its donuts are made fresh, using the best ingredients and by hand every single day. Union Square Donuts’ passion for the donut business comes across through everything they make, and their donut selections are as high-quality as they are creative, including a tiramisu donut, butterscotch, pomegranate molasses, marzipan cream and more. Union Square Donuts are a key component of the donut scene in the Boston area, so make sure to check them out. Check out their location-specific menus and place an order here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Blackbird Doughnuts

4. Blackbird Doughnuts

Try some classic local favorite donut flavors at Blackbird Doughnuts next time you’re out in the town. With six locations around the city, Blackbird Doughnuts combines the best of traditional donut flavors, with creative monthly specials, and incredible coffee and drink selections. They even sell a giant donut cake that serves 2-4 people. Check out their full menu, and locations, and place an order here

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Kane's Donuts

5. Kane’s Donuts

A short walk from Boston’s Waterfront District, Kane’s Donuts takes the donut scene to the next level. With incredible flavors and innovative creations, such as apple cider, Maine blueberry, coconut, and crème brûlée, they also serve a variety of donut-inspired sandwiches and more.  Try Kane’s Donuts’ award-winning donut creations on your next visit to this side of town. Learn more about their history, check out their full menu, and place an order here

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Anna's Hand Cut Donuts Inc.

6. Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts Inc.

A local favorite spot, Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts Inc. serves fresh, classic, and delicious donuts six days a week. Located at 2056 Centre St, West Roxbury, MA, this warm and cozy shop sells hot chocolate, coffee, and breakfast sandwiches in addition to its wide donut selection. Pay a visit to Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts Inc. and try their homemade delicacies in a small, charming local coffee-shop setting.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Mass Hole Donuts

7. Mass Hole Donuts

There is only one thing better than donuts, donut holes! And Mass Hole Donuts is the best place to get them in Massachusetts. Based in Arlington, this local shop serves the most delicious and innovative gourmet donut holes in town. Try some of their unique creations, such as Mama’s Lil Masshole, New-Berry Street, Johnny Appleseed, and more. They’re open Thursday through Sunday, from 8 am to 2 pm. Learn more and place an online order here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Davis Square Hand Crafted Donuts & Bagels

8. David Square Handcrafted Donuts and Bagels

In the heart of Davis Square, Somerville you will find some of the best NYC-style donuts and bagels in the Boston area. Davis Square Handcrafted Donuts and Bagels combine the classic with the creative with a menu that encompasses the best of traditional bagels and donut flavors alongside their very own playful home-made creations. This charming morning-through-afternoon cafe is not only a terrific place to pick up some fresh goodies, but also to stay in for coffee and tea. Not to mention they have a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches. Get away from the city noise in your next outing and pay a visit to Davis Square Handcrafted Donuts and Bagels. Check out their full menu here.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Donuts with a Difference

9. Donuts with a Difference

Recognized as a local favorite donut spot by Boston Magazine, Donuts with a Difference is a small, classic, and fresh donut shop serving all the flavors you know and love. Located on 35 Riverside Ave, Medford, MA, Donuts with a Difference serves donuts, bagels, and hot or iced brewed coffee seven days a week. Make sure to pay them a visit in your next breakfast run.

Best Donuts in the Boston Area - Donut Villa Diner

10. Donut Villa Diner

Donut Villa Diner combines the delicious donut flavors that everybody loves with a lively and welcoming American diner atmosphere. Here you will find the best of traditional donuts, bagels, and breakfast specialties, all of which you can enjoy in their quaint, 80s-style establishment. Swing by Donut Volla Diner for a delicious meal or treat made for and by locals. Learn more or place an online order here