Go Big.

Event Management, Event Planning, Ticketing, and More for Large Events.

Private Perfection.

Event Planning, Ticketing, Event Management and More for Private Events.

Small Events. Big Success.

Event Hosting, Event Planning, Ticketing, and More for Your Small Event.

Get Everybody Together.

Event Planning, Ticketing, Event Management, and More for Community Events.

Event Productions, Studios, and Ticketing

Event planning, management, rentals, and more for events of all types and sizes.

Event planning, rentals, management, and more for events of all types and sizes.

EventThem Studios

Unique event space, gallery, podcasting, recording, & more!

Buy and Sell Tickets with the Ticket Union

Buy, Sell, & Create tickets nationwide
with no hidden fees.

We can handle all aspects of event production from the creative to the technical, to the booking, ticketing, logistics, and rental of stages, sound equipment, indoor and yard games and more, with delivery available.

Not Your Average Event Production Company.

Need help planning your event? We provide event planning, event management, tickets, and more. EventThem has produced and partnered on community, local and national events, concerts, festivals, parties, meetings, conferences, sporting events, and more! Reach out to find out how to attend, perform, or be a part of events in your local area.

Invite Them
Inspire Them
Attend Them
Event Them

We offer equipment rentals for your event too!

From high-quality sound and lighting equipment to fun outdoor games and a 360º photo booth, we have everything you need to elevate your event to the next level. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large festival, our diverse selection of equipment rental options, including staging equipment, music gear, and even a popcorn cart, will ensure that your event is a hit with all attendees. Let EventThem be your go-to source for all your event equipment needs!
Large and Small Event Management

Local Support

EventThem supports local organizations and businesses with our involvement with Common Roots. Interested in learning more about how we can support your event? Hoping to become part of this local businesses network group, or support a local cause?