Must-Haves for Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl season is right around the corner, and EventThem is here to help you prepare a winning party strategy on game day. Here are 11 must-haves for your Super Bowl party. If you require additional assistance with your next event, don’t hesitate to reach out about our professional event planning services here.


  1. Comfortable Seating
    Make sure your guests will be comfortable for 3 hours in front of the TV. Have cushions, pillows and even blankets at the ready.
  2. Food & Drinks
    A good host will have delicious apps and snacks for their guests. Cheese is a can’t-miss: Mixed, shredded, or melted… goes with everything. Provide a few snacks for before the meal and or after the meal. For more guest participation, have a potluck!
  3. Extra Toilet Paper
    You will feed them, so don’t forget to properly free them. You don’t want to run out!
  4. Decorations
    Celebrate the favorite team with logo party favors.
  5. Hand Sanitizer
    Having hand sanitizer available for use is handy for your guests to use before grabbing those finger-foods.
  6. Cup Markers
    Identify each person’s drink, and minimize waste.
  7. Ice Buckets
    Keep cold drinks within easy reach in coolers instead of risking missing a big play while making the walk to the refrigerator. Make sure your guests can easily open their chosen beverage with handy bottle openers.
  8. Disposable Party Supplies
    Use paper products that are easy to clean up, and can be recycled. Using paper towels in place of cloth towels can help stop the spread of germs. Mark each guest’s cup to eliminate confusion and minimize waste.
  9. Good TV with great sound
    A big screen and great sound helps everyone see and hear the game. Rent one if your TV isn’t very big. Position the TV where every guest can clearly see all the action.
  10. Football Squares
    A friendly wager on the game can help keep your guests interested even if their favorite team isn’t going to win.
  11. Great Guests
    Invite fun guests that make good conversation, and don’t take the win or loss too seriously.

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